“At a time when people feel they must give up good flavors to be able to dine healthfully, Ms. Purnima Nandkishore has authored a book of recipes that will delight those looking for exotic tastes and creative, well-documented recipes.”
Boyd Lyles, Jr. MD, Director, HeartHealth and Wellness Center, Dallas,  TX
“Nice introduction to Indian cuisine for non-Indians.”
- Dr. Douglas D. Schocken. MD, Professor of Medicine, Duke Center for Living
  Duke University Medical Center, Durham, NC

"The book is a boon for Indians trying to make dietary changes to improve heart health in particular and health overall, a lot of usable information in a user-friendly format.”
- Dr. Thakor G. Patel MD. MACP, Captain, Medical Corps, US Navy (retired), Led the committee that published “Indian Foods: AAPI's Guide to Health, Nutrition and Diabetes” a nutrition guide for Indians compiled by outstanding dietitians. (AAPI - American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin)
"This book is as refreshing as a cold glass of lemonade on a hot summer day - but has more nutritive value."
- Dr. Sunita Dodani, MD, FCPS, MSc, PhD, FAHA, Director, Center of Outcomes Research & Education (CORE), Associate Professor of Medicine, The University of Kansas Medical Center